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Please DO NOT enter the practice

without prior booking and telephone confirmation.



Please follow the patient journey outlined below:

  • Patient contacts practice/is contacted by practice

  • Patient is pre-screened for COVID-19 status using questionnaire and given advice if needed regarding isolation

  • Practice identifies if patient is vulnerable/shielded

  • Patient is categorised and triaged using questionnaire and acceptance criteria

  • Patient details are confirmed (e.g. email address, name, date of birth)

  • Appointment is booked or clinical triage arranged

  • Clinical triage takes place (if required) and appointment is then booked

  • Patient is sent digital documentation to complete prior to attending, all hygienist appointments must be secured with full payment made in advance

  • Patient is called within 24 hours of appointment and is screened for COVID-19 status, attendance procedure is explained (recommendation to use toilet before attending, how they will be summoned into the practice, hand hygiene at entrance etc.)

  • Chaperoning and consent procedures are explained, and appointment is then confirmed

  • Patient attends practice and attendance procedure is followed including screening upon arrival

  • Remain outside or within your vehicle until you are contacted by a member of staff to enter.

  • Please attend your appointments alone and only bring essential items with you to your appointments.

  • A Staff member will open the practice door for you and hand you a face mask, and any other relevant PPE. This should be worn immediately. We will also check your temperature.

  • Upon entering, you will be guided to the sanitising station where you will sanitise your hands with alcohol gel, there will also be a box at the sanitising station to store your belongings, should you require.

  • You will then be guided through to the surgery where the dentist and assistant will be waiting for you in full PPE. You will be asked to remove your mask and mouth rinse before the treatment starts.

  • When finished in surgery, you will be asked to put your face mask back on, hand sanitize and return to reception, maintaining social distancing measures.

  • Collect your belongings from the box if necessary and proceed to check out

  • Patient leaves the practice and is emailed a treatment plan, estimate etc.

  • Reception team to follow up on estimates


Please dispose of your PPE in the clinical waste bin provided.

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patient journey.jpg
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