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Reasons to book a hygiene appointment


Prevention is better than cure. Good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent plaque build-up and
gum disease.


Expert advice. Assistance in flossing and brushing techniques.


That tingle. A lovely clean feeling and fresh breath following your appointment.


That sparkle. Stain removal makes your teeth look whiter.

Dental Hygiene

We have a team of dental hygienists that can administer advanced treatments – including the AirFlow® stain removing therapy. They’re also on hand to offer advice on improving your home oral hygiene routine or adapting it following implant surgery.

AirFlow® Stain Removal

A jet of compressed air, water and bicarbonate of soda is directed at the stained tooth. The gentle
process removes stains without damaging tooth enamel – leaving you with a bright healthy smile.

Fresh Breath Clinic

When it comes to fresh breath, preventative care is always our number one objective.

At our Fresh Breath Clinic, our hygienists and dental therapists focus on tooth and gum care education and fresh breath ideas.

Become a Member

Sign up to our Membership Plan to receive huge discounts on regular appointments. For just £13.95
a month, get two annual check ups, two hygiene appointments and a host of other benefits –
including discounts on treatments.

More about Our Membership Plan email

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