The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is created to perform a minimally invasive way of dental prophylaxis called Guided Biofilm Therapy. GBT is the most comfortable, efficient and gentle protocol using air flow to remove all the stains and biofilm (plaque). It cleanses and polishes in one single procedure.


Making biofilm visible

Raising awareness and teaching

Removing biofilm, stains and early calculus

Probing and screening every clinical case

Removing remaining calculus

Final checks for remaining biofilm and calculus. diagnosing carries and applying fluoride protection 

Recall frequency scheduled according to risk assessment and verbal feedback on treatment. 

Removing biofilm in 4 to 9 mm pockets

Guided Biofilm Therapy is the systematic, predictable solution for dental biofilm management in professional prophylaxis using state of the art AIRFLOW®, PERIOFLOW® and PIEZON® technologies. It is proven by scientific evidence.
Guided Biofilm Therapy consists of treatment protocols based on individual patient diagnosis and risk assessment in order to achieve optimal results. The treatment is given in the least invasive way, with the highest level of comfort, safety and efficiency.
Guided Biofilm Therapy includes Oral Hygiene Instructions with Philips Sonicare toothbrushes and Airfloss plus patient education and motivation to maintain natural teeth and implants for as long as possible. Join the Swiss Dental Academy and learn more about «GBT».

Dental biofilm is the main etiologic factor for caries, periodontal and peri-implant infections. Periodontitis can increase the risk of systemic diseases, such as cardiovascular and respiratory disease, arthritis or diabetes. Regular oral hygiene, combined with professional measures keeps biofilm under control – for a better oral and systemic health. Axelsson and Lindhe established preventive dentistry in the 1970's with studies and clinical protocols based on prophylaxis in "recall hours". GBT follows the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) recommendations on Professional Mechanical Plaque Removal (PMPR) and Oral Hygiene Instructions (OHI) for Home Care of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP).
"Periodontal Health — for a better life!"


1. Before removal the biofilm is always disclosed with a dye solution. Then biofilm and young calculus are easily removed with AIRFLOW® and PERIOFLOW® – supra and subgingivally.

2. If needed this is followed by debridement with PIEZON® PS No Pain piezoceramic instruments.
Guided Biofilm Therapy means that the clinician is guided by the disclosed biofilm during professional tooth cleaning procedures. Guided Biofilm Therapy is truly minimally invasive and reduces the need of hand and sonic/ ultra-sonic instrumentation. It is safe, effective and gentle to teeth and soft tissues, implants and restoratives. 
GBT is also very comfortable for patients and practitioners. This also applies to primary caries and perio prevention in children and teenagers. GBT is part of a comprehensive preventive concept – to preserve our patients’ oral health – and to make the patients feel good.

The AIRFLOW handpiece is the state-of-the-art technology when it comes to oral hygiene and dental prophylaxis. Thanks to the use of medical grade materials and its thermo disinfectable resistance, the new generation of handpieces are geared towards premium quality and high durability. With a powder jet reaching more than 400 km/h, the AIRFLOW handpiece provides an effective kinetic energy whilst keeping a uniform spray pattern for predictable treatment outcomes. For maximum efficiency and minimal aerosol dispersion, water and powder meet upon impact with the tooth. The AIRFLOW handpiece separates the air and water channels giving the opportunity to regulate water and powder flow with high precision. With its sleek lightweight design the AIRFLOW handpiece provide users with a comfortable pen-like grip for great dexterity and an easy access in hard-to-reach areas. As EMS’ dedication to innovation and service continues to grow, a new revolution is just around the corner.


The purpose of GBT is to remove 100% of biofilm. If biofilm is made visible, it is removed much fasted and effectively. What you see is what we remove. 


The German independent consumer group "Stiftung Warentest" reports that only 50% of interdental biofilm is removed during traditional professional tooth cleaning.

AIRFLOW not only removes biofilm, but also plaque, stains and early calculus!

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