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Heart Lips™ by Thomas Dey is a non-surgical technique developed by a world-expert in facial aesthetics.​

The inspiration?  The lips of the world's most beautiful women. 

Beautiful lips are naturally heart shaped, with cleavage on both the upper and lower lip: 

An attractive twin-lobed frame to the most dazzling smiles.

The unique Heart Lips™ technique creates a naturally beautiful shape with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

The Heart Lips are most suited to women with tapered / oval face shapes to bring out the femininity of their smiles.

The Heart Lips treatment is licensed only to approved clinicians who have been through extensive training.

Thomas focuses his filler skills with lips, with the Heart Lips as his premier treatment.

The unique Heart Lips treatment it is not suitable for every person who is looking for fuller lips.

Dermal Fillers

More about dermal fillers

How is it different?
The amount and type of dermal filler used is the same as conventional lip filler treatment. However, the placement of that filler is different for the heart lips look. The method adds volume in a lobed look for he lower lips.
How does it work?
Thomas discusses your lip options - whether standard  hyaluronic dermal fillers placement or he heart lip placement. You have time to understand the differences and the process.
The process of lip fillers
Lip fillers are naturally occurring body substances which are placed a few millimetres below the surface of the skin to add volume and definition to your natural lip shape.
Improving Pre-existing scars
Thomas can plan your filler placement to mask the presence of pre-existing scarring to return symmetry to your lips.

You will need to be clear about when and where you have scars, as the types and potential of any treatment is very much dependent on this  

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